Who is JoDa?

“I learned everything I know about storytelling from watching Northern Exposure, my dad reading us a comic book Bible and the listening to the raconteurs of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.”


JoDa has published 17 books and many screenplays
JoDa has published 17 books and many screenplays

My life is the culmination of
miracles and debacles…

I was born in a snowstorm
on a Vermont commune
to a carpenter and a teacher
in their off-the-grid cabin
by an abandoned military base.

After serving as a TV news cameraman (while living homeless in my car),

I headed West on my Harley to track down the Beats,

but Vermont called me home, to work for the family construction company.

Life was so easy and rewarding—even when the heat went out in my Vermont writer’s shack, -47F° in my bedroom one morning. But then…

My Brother died.

My fiancée dumped me.

My slumlord jumped me—
and I was sentenced to 120 days…

Thugs murdered my new girlfriend—in front of her son.

Another left me to become a “vegan porn star.”

I struck out as a TV writer in Hollywood.

I got a $2000 traffic ticket in LA…

… Compelling me to return home to Vermont
and build a solar cabin…

… To write a TV/film series and many books,
including Criminal Thinking
poetry from my 120 days spent with
and shamans.

… Before house-sitting for the actor Luis Guzman (Code Black, Narcos) for 9 months and launching our successful Kickstarter campaign…

What he then did to me is unforgivable—though I’ve forgiven him and I’m so thankful, because it set me free, to take care of my family and stop living in the specious shadow of an ego. I didn’t wanna be one of those guys making love to his own image. That’s how stories die and boys never grow balls.

Art Saves Lives—And I’m Proof!

joda hodge books

JoDa’s Legal Battle vs. Luis Guzman video from JoDa on Vimeo.


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