☼ What is Departed Harvest?
Inspired by true events, Departed Harvest is a 90-minute PG-13 crime drama and dark comedy akin to Breaking Bad, Lost and Northern Exposure.
It is budgeted for $1.5 million and targets specialty theater patrons, young adults, college students and teens, as well as mature audiences seeking smart character-driven narratives.
It has been written and will be directed by JoDa Hodge, a bi-coastal writer, director, producer.
Casting will complete once financing is in place and consist of hiring at least one significant name actor.

Shooting will occur in Vermont due to its natural beauty and cost savings shooting there versus other locations.

It will be shot on professional grade equipment, including the new Black Magic Ursa, a cutting-edge digital cinema camera.

We anticipate the film to be ready for examination by distributors no later than one year after financing has been secured.

Our soundtrack will include music by Moby, Grace Potter and others.


☼ Departed Harvest is a backdoor pilot. What is that?
It is a feature film that doubles as a TV series pilot. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer it had such dimensional characters and a rich plot line, it could easily spin into a long-running television series.

☼ Do you feel Departed Harvest can spin into a TV series?
Based on our 10,669 page outline mapping out 5 nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat seasons, and our award-winning screenplay, JoDa has written the entire first season—13 one-hour episodes…. In addition to detailed Season #2 and Season #3 outlines… A prequel… and other surprises!
☼ When will the movie be made?
We’ll start pre-production as soon as our budget is financed. We’ll shoot over the summer of 2016 and begin post-production in the fall.

☼ What is your target market?
The target audience for Departed Harvest is specialty theater goers, young adults, college students and teens—in addition to mature adults seeking rich, character-driven series. This group recently propelled Breaking Bad, a similarly themed story, to explosive popularity.

☼ What about distribution?
If a distributor acquires distribution rights to Departed Harvest, we will suggest a marketing campaign that includes screenings, Internet exposure, grass-roots promotions and co-branding opportunities with any featured brands and celebrities. We will target universities, associations, bloggers, magazines and fan sites devoted to action-adventure dark comedies and any name actors in the project. A distributor acquiring Departed Harvest will probably begin playing in a small number of niche theaters.
Positive word-of-mouth would finance an expanded theatrical release. We may even push for a simultaneous release, distributed to theaters, subscription TV and home video all in the same week. Then, we aim to become a popular cable television series.

☼ When will the film be released and the TV series broadcast?
We anticipate the film will have its theatrical release in early 2017. The TV series being picked up by a major network depends on many variables.
☼ When will I receive my digital download?
Your digital version will be available through Flixster and other online retailers. You will receive an email with a code and instructions when the digital version is ready.

☼ How are set visits coordinated?
After locking in our filming schedule and location we will send you a list of dates to choose from (travel is not included). Once on set, you will be treated as our VIP. Not only will you have the opportunity to see some filming, you will be given the chance to be in a scene as an extra, and meet our cast and crew!

☼ What will you do with my money?
All funds will be directly deposited into our Departed Harvest Production Account, set up and maintained by our legal representative and our Production Accountant.
Funds will secure:
* Director: the unifying cinematic visionary
* Producers: the men and women who guide a film from preproduction, to production, to postproduction to distribution
* Producer of Marketing & Distribution + Affinity Publicist: involved in every aspect of our film’s distribution and marketing
* Casting Director: will pass name actors our screenplay and assemble a talented cast, favorable for distribution
* Postproduction Supervisor: oversees “deliverables,” items and paperwork needed by a distributor for distribution
* Distribution Consultant: will vet our screenplay to maximize distribution value of cast and plot
* Entertainment Lawyer: will organize our company, draft contracts, assist in negotiating distribution, etc.
* Director of Alternative Marketing & Community Marketing Strategist: grassroots community-based distribution
* Script Consultants: professional feedback is crucial for success!
* Production Accountant: our production accountant is from Academy Award-nominated, Sundance-winning, Frozen River

☼ What if you raise more than your goal?
We are confident that our goal will be met and exceeded because it is pretty conservative, geared toward preproduction expenditures. All additional funding received will go directly toward our $1.5 million production and marketing budget.

Thanks in advance for your support!

—JoDa Hodge (Producer, Writer)BREAKING BAD + LOST = DEPARTED HARVEST * * * twitter


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