Loren Anthony Stars as Green in Departed Harvest by JoDa Hodge

Loren Anthony Stars in Departed Harvest* from JoDa on Vimeo.

Departed Harvest is a 90-minute award-winning dark comedy-thriller backdoor pilot, business plan, production bible, written episodes and potential financing.



Loren Anthony

Loren Anthony is a motivational speaker, musician, actor and producer, bound by blood to the Chuska Mountains of the Navajo Nation. Loren earned his position as a true modern day warrior for his people and the communities he touches with the positive paying-it-forward mindset. 

This multi-talented Native American artist/actor/producer began his journey during his childhood. Performing in theatre for local schools and communities, with four years of theatre under his belt and a never ending love for the stage. Touring North America was the next adventure, playing heavy metal music for the masses with his award-winning band, Bloodline. 

With the loss of his father, all art seem to stop as Loren became an instant rancher and community leader. Providing free loads of firewood for the elderly, motivational speaking, health education and working closely with at risk youth, it was then the creation began, returning to the stage by way for stand up comedy and seeking out films. Loren’s extrovert personality is undoubtedly contagious among those around him. 

With a few films, TV series and a video game under his belt, Loren continues to stand for what’s right and follow his heart. The passion for acting and producing is an art and the road ahead is always unknown. Loren loves all challenges. He prevails with a smile on his face and laughter in his heart.

The Battle

“I’ve been in ceremony all day and smell like major smoke. Just to let you all know that prayers are being and have been answered. Thank you to everyone for praying for my family. I will do my best to keep you updated. Keep praying for our people, this battle is more than physical, mental and emotional… this is spiritual. Keep faith and stay focused.”  


“On the front lines, representing my family and tribe here for protection of our water. Been with my Pawnee family. Being taken care of. So much power and spirituality to be described in words. Past several days and nights I’ve been in ceremony, prayer and meditation, laid down offering to the water. Kept everyone in mind near and far, family and friends. It’s another great day to be indigenous.”


DH 2

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