Departed Harvest Welcomes New DP!

Departed Harvest is pleased to welcome

DP Jeff Barklage to our team!


I LOVE to shoot!

This IS the best business in the world!

I can ramble on about accomplishments and names and titles…blah…blah…blah……but the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the passion and artistry we give to this profession…its a way of life and it is our life! This is what we bring to set at call time and what we walk away with at wrap each day….

But, here are the boiler points:

I am an Emmy award winning cinematographer. My list of commercial, motion picture and television experiences cover the spectrum from national TV spots for the Super Bowl for Bud-Light to studio pictures for Weinstein Co/Universal/Paramount/October Films, etc….

I bring some 25 years experience to the table. Working my way up the crew ranks helped shape and build my decision making process. Starting at age 16 as a camera loader in a special effects company with motion-control, blue screen and animation cameras, I moved into the live-action arena on commercials, music videos and motion pictures. Working as a gaffer for almost a decade gave me the knowledge and ability to handle lighting in quick and creative ways.

Having an intense background in lighting due to my gaffing experience, I employ a unique lighting style utilizing unorthodox objects to control and breakup my light. Moving sources and shadows often play heavy in my shots…to put it simply: I LOVE TO LIGHT!

Working with noted directors and cinematographers early in my career [John Sayles, Robert Richardson, ASC, Richard Benjamin, David Watkins, ASC, BSC, Joel and Ethan Coen, Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, etc…] helped form artistic and technical knowledge and I apply it to my shoots.

I split my time between commercial production and features.  I just wrapped DPing a Hallmark Christmas movie directed by and starring Mariah Carey!

I also recently wrapped 2nd unit DP work for CAROL [dir: Todd Haynes, DP: Ed Lachman, ASC, starring Kate Blanchett & Rooney Mara] as well as MILES AHEAD [dir: Don Cheadle, DP: Roberto Schaffer, ASC, starring Ewan McGregor and Don Cheadle].

I have DP’d many indy films and 2nd unit DP’d larger studio features.

Working international, I have photographed everything from crazy Sci-Fi Channel movies in Croatia, Corporate Image pieces in Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, England, Scotland and France….to Wide-Screen museum films in Egypt, Jordan and the UAE.

In the commercial world, subjects vary from comedy/action campaigns: BUDWEISER to beauty: OIL OF OLAY, Vidal Sassoon, to domestic: TIDE, Chramin, Bounty paper towels, etc…

I love table top and food shooting! Having photographed many national restaurant campaigns: Coke, McDonald’s, Long John Silvers, Big Boy, Dave & Busters, etc….

Staying on the cutting edge of technology has helped me bring new technology to set both in camera, optics & lighting. I personally own an arsenal of digital motion cameras and support gear as well as a vast assortment of classic Cooke optics to compliment the “harder” digital look, my latest addition is a full set of vintage Super-Baltar prime lenses!

From a collaboration stand point, I am very willing to help block shots if needed…having an extensive narrative film background helps these situations…but I will not “take over” the set from the director like some others. I will contribute if asked and really enjoy working with new up and coming directors.

Directors I’ve had the pleasure to work with:

Joel & Ethan Coen, Todd Haynes, Don Cheadle, John Sayles, Frank Marshall, Mariah Carey, Richard Benjamin, Jerry Pope, J. Todd Anderson, Joe Scudiero, Alphonso Wesson, Chuck Hallau, Elyse Lewin, Bill Youmans, Cliff Schwander

Awards include 3 EMMY’s with 5 nominations, many TELLY’s and ADDY’s.

I am a member in good standing of the Society of Operating Cameramen and the IATSE Local #600 Camera Guild as a Director of Photography, West Coast Roster.

IMDB page:


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