Hardwick, Vermont and the New Frontier of Food | How New England Can Save the World

The most interesting agricultural experiment in the country is taking place in a small VT town where many of its citizens eat solely from foods produced by their neighbors. By Bill McKibben, Yankee Magazine

Source: Hardwick, Vermont and the New Frontier of Food | How New England Can Save the World


You know, JoDa,

after another 120 days on the crew

you might learn something,

Curly informs me as he drives

our stinking chain gang van

from the Bohemian

Hardwick region—

formerly “The World’s Granite Production Capitol,”

purveyor of a boxing club

and pornographic movie houses—

now scintillating with fall foliage,

the Buffalo Mountain Co-op

and a vanguard

farm-to-table movement

leading our nation with


foodie communities

and sustainability—

the Center of Agricultural Economy,

helping aspiring food producers

find homes on store shelves

and in Vermonter bellies;

Sterling College

schooling future farm and forest gurus;

Hill Farmstead—

“The World’s Best Brewery;”

Jasper Hill Farm—

“The World’s Best Cheese;”

High Mowing Seeds—

the organic seed mecca—

Pete’s Green’s

pumping out produce year-round—

and Heady Topper Beer

“The World’s Best IPA”—

all fostering a cornucopia

of delectable inspirations,

reconnecting the people

to food and to their families—

rekindling intimacy over

the story-telling dinner table—

trading in the Box Culture—

waking up in a box,

eating from a box,

driving a box,

to work in a box,

to pay for your home box,

to raise box-fed babies,

watching separate idiot boxes,

getting ready to be buried in boxes.

Get outta the box

and into the dirt.

Fresh food prevents soulmates

from becoming roommates.

Gardens stave off the Evil Eye

sculpting kiddie state slaves.


criminal thinking screenplays cover


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